Washup Wednesday

Is Your Soap Or Shampoo Imported

Some is and some isn’t. Some comes from China or Poland, other items are produced in the UK, however, the ingredients used to make them may be imported.


www.brexitsurvivaljournal.comIf you want to stock up on washing stuff, for people, clothes and surfaces, then Wednesday is a good day to check your stock of:-

  • soap
  • shower gel
  • shampoo
  • hair conditioner
  • toothbrushes
  • toothpaste
  • mouthwash
  • washing powder / liquid / pods
  • clothes conditioner
  • dishwasher tablets or pods
  • floor cleaner
  • multisurface cleaner
  • dishwashing liquid.

Anything Else?

This is just a basic list of items used for washing people, clothes and various surfaces.

You may have other washing and cleaning items you consider to be essential. If you use something else, then build up a useful stock of this to last you about 3 months. Hopefully, together with intermittent supplies coming through, that should be enough to last through any initial disruption.

Of course, you may want to build up a bigger stock, if you have the money and the space for non-perishables.

Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Always something. I just realised today that we need to order more vacuum cleaner bags, as I am running short of these.