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The information in this site has been researched and gathered with great care, however, it does not claim to cover all points that may happen. It also does not claim to be correct on the points it does cover. This Brexit Survival Journal is a means of thinking about what MIGHT happen at the time of Brexit (or no Brexit) and the practical steps that can be taken to mitigate any effects for individuals and their families. It is a personal risk assessment of what might happen in the future but we don’t have crystal balls, so everything in here may be wrong. No one knows. But that’s the point. If we don’t know what WILL happen but we assess what MIGHT happen and how likely it is to happen, then we can judge what preparations we need to make for ourselves and our families.

Use this journal to consider your own situation and what preparations you may or may not wish to make.

This site does NOT cover what might happen with businesses and industry.