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Tins Tuesday

Budget For A Bit Extra

Yes, we don’t all have deep pockets, unlimited funds or huge amounts of storage space. We can only do what we can. If you’re on a limited budget, like most people in this country (the vast majority) you won’t be able to buy truckloads of stuff in the week before Brexit is supposed to happen. That’s also the week before Hallowe’en when many people will be stocking up ahead of parties or Bonfire Night.

Big stores are supposed to be stocking up essentials, up to 3 months worth, so if you buy a bit extra now, it allows the stores to replenish those stocks, so there’s a bit more of a cushion for everyone at Brexit time (or no-Brexit time).



So buy a few extra tins today #TinsTuesday or the next time you do your shopping or the next time you get an online delivery. Put those tins away somewhere and don’t use them unless you have an emergency after Brexit. If the shop shelves are empty and trucks are held up somewhere at a border or port, you will be glad you have something you can eat, even if it’s cold from a tin.

Make sure what you buy is something you would eat anyway. Then if there is no Brexit panic or shortages, you will have a stock of stuff you can use as normal. It’s a form of saving.

What would you buy

  • Spare manual tin opener
  • Baked beans
  • Tinned fish, eg tuna, mackerel, sardines, salmon
  • Tinned custard powder, tinned milk powder
  • Tinned spaghetti – kids love it
  • Coconut milk

What would YOU add?

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Brexit Survival Journal

Save your lists of what you want to stock up in here and get some ideas too.