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Toddler Tuesday


www.brexitsurvivaljournal.comAny parent of small children knows they don’t do “boredom”. If they aren’t kept busy, they will find something to amuse themselves and that can often be what you do not want them to do. They are also very often “picky” with their food and need foods that they will eat.

Surviving Brexit With Babies, Toddlers And Small Children

Hopefully, Brexit will pass off without anyone noticing any difference and you can just play with and feed your children as usual.

If it doesn’t, then preparing ahead of time will save your sanity and make life easier for everyone.


Stock up on any special items you normally feed your child with, including formula (baby milk), rusks, and any foods you know your child likes AND that can be stored with a good long “use by” date. These might include tinned baked beans or spaghetti for older children or tinned soup. Remember to include treats appropriate to your child’s age, such as chocolate buttons and Smarties. They are not only useful as rewards or bribes but if there are problems preparing food, they can stop a child from becoming too hungry. You can also store sliced bread in the freezer, provided it is well wrapped against freezer burn. Frozen sliced bread can be toasted direct from frozen for a quick snack of toast.

Leaving Home

Let’s hope no one has to leave home but if you do, a prepared “go” bag, including a wash bag, pyjamas, clean underwear and a change of clothes for each child is useful. Remember nappies and wet wipes for any child using them. Other useful items for each bag include a bottle of water and a snack, such as a chocolate bar (appropriate to age).


Just in case there are power cuts or you have to leave home, then including a game or book or toys in the go bag for each child can save a lot of trouble. Colouring books and crayons or coloured pencils are useful, low tech, easy-carry and cheap items to include. Books are heavier but may be useful for older children. A favourite toy may be vital to remember. Low tech toys are useful if there are power cuts even if you remain at home. You can always remove a few current toys to pack away because by the time October 31st comes around, those toys will seem new again.

Cold Weather

At October 31st, the weather in the UK is usually turning colder, even if there are a few days of Indian Summer. Keep some warm clothes on hand in case there are power cuts or lack of warmth or you have to move.

Brexit Survival Journal

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If You Have To Leave


If you have to leave home, you need a plan of where to meet and where to stay. Leaving may occur when some people are away from home – at work or school or it may be in the middle of the night.

This is never good and can be worrying, especially if you  have no way of contacting absent family members.


Again, preparation is the key to reducing worry and panic as far as possible.


Decide ahead of time on a local meet up place, such as a cafe or a friend’s house. Decide on another fairly local place in case that one is not available for some reason. This should be a place that you all know and where you can regroup. Write the address and phone numbers down and make a copy of the information for each family member.


In case a local meeting place is not feasible, decide on a regional meeting place that everyone should try to get to. This of course will be more difficult, especially if transport is affected, however, it gives everyone a place to try to reach. Add phone numbers of the place to the contacts list.

Main Contact Person

It can be handy to have a contact person who is not too close in your local area and / or one who is far away. They can act as an office, to take messages, pass them on, etc.

Secret Family Password

This can be useful if you think people may be in trouble or a way of saying that you are under duress. It needs to be something that can pass as a real question or piece of information, yet is only used in an emergency,such as asking about a non-existent family pet.

Emergency Bag

Having an emergency bag with washing, first aid and a few food supplies is useful if you can always have it with you. Perhaps in your hallway to grab as you leave, or in the car boot or a small bag inside a school bag or an everyday bag that you carry with you at all times outside the house. Keep the list of addresses and contacts inside the bag, so it is always available.